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Chemical Treatments for Mold

In recent years, and especially as mold has become a hot-button topic, a number of companies have popped up trying to use chemical treatments for mold remediation.  MMR, Sporocidin, Concrobium, Mold Armor, Serum 1000 etc. etc.  I am not here to vilify these products in the slightest. […]

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Mold Encapsulation

Before we knew better as an industry, one of the most widely used methods was mold encapsulation.  When it came to lead paint or asbestos, this was often the preferred method, and for the most part, it worked.  So, the lead and asbestos remediator thought, “If it […]

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PureSpace’s Crescent Hill Recap

The day after my son was born, I got a call for one of PureSpace’s largest clients to come down and meet to discuss the logistics and numbers for a very large bid package we were collectively putting together.  

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The (Tr)magically Appearing Flood

“This home has been here since 1912 and never had a flood in the basement.”  My initial thought was, “OK Buddy, SUUUURRRRE.”  It’s not that I make it a habit of disbelieving my clients, but when the water is pouring in through the walls and up from […]

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Power Vents and Lazy Air

As many of you know from previous discussions, my opinion is that more ventilation is better.  So it would stand to reason that by adding an electric fan (or ‘power vent,’ as it is known in the industry) you would increase the ventilation substantially, and that I […]

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Why All of the Attic Mold in Portland?

Attic mold in Portland and it’s surrounding cities is extremely common. Whenever anyone calls me and says they have a mold issue they would like me to come check out, in the back of my mind I am always thinking attic mold.  In fact, sometimes I will […]

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The Ingredients for Mold Growth

There are four things you need for proper mold growth.  Unless you are a company like mine and running an experiment, I wouldn’t recommend trying it, but this should give you a great roadmap for avoiding it! The first thing you need is one mold spore.  As […]

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PPE or Personal Protective Equipment

Something that comes up a lot with my clients is personal protective equipment (PPE). It isn’t rare that I am asked to go through my estimates line by line so that the homeowner knows exactly what they are getting, and what is covered on their upcoming job. […]

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House Mold Part 2: Attics & Humidifiers

In the previous post we were talking about what kind of house mold situation may or may not be harmful to you and your family. I briefly mentioned attics. Here in the Northwest, mold in attics is a real issue for homeowners.  There are numerous reasons why, […]

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 Your House Mold Isn’t Killing You, Part 1

OK, well, maybe it is, but the truth is that if your house mold were killing you, you would be vastly in the minority.  “But wait, aren’t you supposed to be in the business of promoting the fear of mold, given that you get rid of mold […]

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