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What is PureSpace Mold Remediation & Prevention


  • 100% effective in cleaning and preventing mold growth.
  • 100% non-toxic and environmentally-friendly
  • The safest mold prevention product for children, the elderly, and pets.
  • Protect your home and family.
  • Restores your home quickly.
  • The mold never comes back!



Non-toxic Mold Removal by PureSpace

Before PureSpace Mold Removal

What is PureSpace?

PureSpace is a unique line of mold removal and prevention products. We created products that can do what other mold products cannot:

  • The fastest mold remediation available.
  • Less disruptive to homes and families.
  • Cost-effective and affordable.
  • And most importantly, 100% non-toxic!!

We put together our PureSpace solutions so that we can fix your mold problems, quickly and efficiently, so that you can get back home or back in business quickly, without breaking the bank.

PureSpace has two steps:

Cleaner removes damaging and toxic mold.

Shield makes sure that this mold does not come back.

After PureSpace Mold Removal

After PureSpace Mold Removal

PureSpace Cleaner:


  • Completely removes mold
  • Dries instantly
  • Has no added moisture
  • Leaves no toxic residue
  • Has no texture or sheen
  • Leaves no discoloration
  • Is totally child and pet safe

PureSpace cleaner is the highest form of microbial cleaner. It pulls mold out by the roots so that it never comes back! PureSpace allows us to remove far less material than the traditional 'rip-and-tear' methods most often used today. This helps to preserve your home or business and cuts down on rebuild costs.

PureSpace cleaner actually removes the mold from the area, unlike companies that encapsulate mold with products such as Blackout, IAQ 6000 or 9000. It kills the fungal spores and removes them from the entire affected area.

It dries almost instantly, so no added moisture is added to the affected area. And it leaves no residue, texture, sheen or coloring of any kind. All that is left is pure, clean, mold-free materials.

PureSpace Shield:

Prevent mold from returning or ever appearing! 

PureSpace Shield is the guaranteed way to prevent mold from coming back into your home or business. It is also an effective preventative for new homes and buildings.

Unlike other solutions, PureSpace Shield has these warranty-backed features:

  • It will not flake, peel, or crack
  • It leaves no texture, sheen or discoloration
  • It is 100% Non-toxic
  • It is completely child and pet safe

Our Purespace Shield eliminates many of the common problems caused by other mold prevention solutions. It is unlike any other mold prevention solution!

Our unique solution is not a coating that will flake, peel, crack or break down like virtually every other product in our industry. PureSpace Shield innovative solution imbeds itself into the surface and is actually absorbed into the protected material (drywall, paint, etc) to provide true mold protection that can get wet and still stay intact.

When we apply PureSpace Shield to your walls, ceiling or floor, it dries almost instantly and leaves no residue, texture, sheen or coloring of any kind. But it still provides mold-protection in a non-toxic format.

PureSpace Shield is the most tested, most proven mold prevention product available. Click here to see our scientific testing and results. This combination of non-toxic and ASTM D3273 certification is only available with your PureSpace professional!

We are so confident that this will prevent any mold coming back that we provide the industry’s strongest two year warranty.

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