Commercial Services

  • Emergency on-call services
  • Non-toxic, safe, and affordable
  • Efficient, expert property restoration
  • Mold prevention and removal
  • Water damage restoration
  • Odor and smoke removal
PureSpace helps you to protect your property investment, materials and tenants. We offer commercial services to restore your property quickly, using the latest technology to save as many materials as possible and save you money. We provide comprehensive building remediation and repair services to retail businesses, warehouses, office buildings, apartment buildings, HOAs, shopping centers and more, throughout the Portland Metro Area.

Non-Toxic Services

Our services are completely non-toxic so that we can protect your tenants, clients and/or property investment from harmful chemicals during restoration. Our services are completely safe, even for sensitive environments like schools and nursing homes. Tenants can remain in the building while services are being performed. Our non-toxic products and services allow you to position yourself as a green, environmentally-friendly company!

We use PureSpace, our own non-toxic products, along with dry ice blasting to clean and remove damage, odors and stains while preserving materials.

Affordable Rates

Our products and services work so well that there is less of a need for a disruption in daily business. We save as much building material as possible and work quickly to keep restoration costs to a minimum. PureSpace routinely completes successful projects for half of the quoted cost by our competition. If you find another Portland company with the same cost, we will offer a price-matching guarantee, plus 5%, allowing you to choose the highest quality company without regret.

Guaranteed Work

We offer a complete, comprehensive warranty for all our work. It is not capped by the cost of work performed, but covers any actual damage and is not voided by water intrusion, like other warranties in the industry. Learn more about our warranty here. 

Mold Prevention for Builders

We work with homebuilders to offer mold protection for new homes, apartment buildings and larger housing developments across the Portland area. PureSpace has become a trusted resource for homebuilders. Our mold prevention services add value for your business and set you apart from any other builder.

By adding PureSpace to your project, you will:

  • Offer your clients an increased value for your services
  • Offer a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly option
  • Increase your reputation in the industry and among potential clients.
  • Completely mitigate your liability for mold growth, due to our 5 year warranty.
  • Allow for additional revenue streams within the same project.

Call PureSpace today to prevent mold quickly and effectively!

Office number: (503) 719-6859