Rebuild Services

  • Bringing your family back home faster
  • We offer complete restoration services by performing ALL rebuild services, from start to finish.
  • We are the only company you need to hire to restore your home or building to its former state.

After a fire at your home, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is the headache of finding multiple providers for each area of your home that is damaged; wood floor installers, drywallers, painters, finish carpenters, HVAC professionals, the list goes on and on.  Instead, why not call the guys at PureSpace?  They will take care of EVERYTHING, letting you get back to normal life faster!

 PureSpace: Complete Restoration Services

  • Quick response time
  • Non-toxic technologies preserve many current building materials
  • Reduce headaches by counting on PureSpace for all your rebuild services
  • Reduce project time avoiding coordination between multiple vendors
  • Get it done the way YOU want it, with one project manager to communicate with, every step of the way

Restoration and Rebuilding

  • Rebuild any necessary sub-structure
  • Hang and finish drywall
  • Prime and paint
  • Finish flooring work, cabinets and fixtures
  • Clean and restore furniture and personal items
  • HVAC

During the rebuild process, we apply PureSpace Shield Mold Prevention to ensure that mold does not invade your home after restoration is complete. This is a non-toxic formula that does not leave a residue on any material.

Call PureSpace today to prevent mold quickly and effectively!

Office number: (503) 719-6859