Fire and Smoke Restoration Services

Fire and smoke restoration services in Portland, Oregon

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We understand that a home fire can be scary and the aftermath is chaotic. That is why PureSpace offers complete fire and smoke restoration services. You won’t have to deal with multiple companies to manage damage cleanup. We do it all! We take care of your home and get you back to normal fast.

  • Fastest response time and quality work from our restoration teams.
  • Expert odor removal from the very first day.
  • Dry ice blasting to remove stains and odors faster without damaging materials.
  • Our exclusive dry ice dusting technology for fragile materials.
  • Dustless blasting materials for removal of toxic materials like lead paint.

PureSpace makes the process easy, fast, cost-effective and painless. Using the most cutting-edge techniques, we will get you back in your home or business faster and more easily.

 PureSpace is the Best Choice for Fire Restoration

  • PureSpace has invested in the safer and more effective dry ice blasting to restore your surfaces after a fire.  This technique lowers your costs while cutting days off of the demolition process. It removes the majority of the smoke odor, decreasing the cost or need for formal odor removal services.  Dry ice blasting allows us to provide faster and more comprehensive cleaning services while saving otherwise disregarded materials.
  • PureSpace also offers our exclusive dry ice dusting technology that allows us to safely clean more fragile and porous surfaces that our dry ice blasting is not appropriate for such as electronics, books or other fragile items.
  • We also have dustless blasting to remove toxic or difficult materials like lead paint safely and less expensively.
  • We protect you by not using the more common solution, toxic Ozone for removing odor.  Instead, non-toxic hydroxyl technology is used to insure that all odors are eliminated, while preventing damage to belongings and building materials.
  • To complete the restoration process, we always apply PureSpace’s proprietarysuite of non-toxic mold prevention products. This will ensure that no mold growth occurs as a result of all of that water used to put out the fire, helping reduce water damage.
  • PureSpace not only performs the restoration work, but provides full rebuild services as well.  This means that you only deal with one contractor from start to finish, eliminating the headaches of multiple providers and ensuring you get the best quality end-result.

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Fire Damage Restoration Process

Phase One:

  • We set up hydroxyl technology equipment: odor elimination begins immediately!
  • We set drying equipment in place, if necessary.
  • We remove structurally damaged materials.
  • We perform dry ice blasting to smoke-damaged materials to remove stain and odor.
  • We use our vapor blasting on solution toxic surfaces like lead paint or for materials and surface that are tougher to remove.
  • By the end of the demo process, 80-90% of odor is already gone resulting in odor removal.

Phase Two:

  • Begin and complete the rebuilding process.
  • Rebuild any necessary sub-structure materials.
  • Hang and finish drywall.
  • Prime and paint.
  • Finish flooring work, cabinets and fixtures.
  • Apply non-toxic PureSpace shield to guarantee no mold growth.

Phase Three:

  • Your personal items can begin to be moved back into the home.
  • Any items needing additional cleaning and odor removal can be done onsite with dry ice blasting including:
    • Books
    • Electronics
    • Fine art
    • Most furniture

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