Laser Blasting

Excellence in Laser Cleaning

Advancements in technology continually update processes, even cleaning. The new standard for safe, fast, powerful, and cost-effective cleaning is laser cleaning. It is unmatched by any other cleaning methods.

Laser cleaning is:

  • Ecologically friendly
  • Free of chemicals
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-toxic

PureSpace is the Portland area laser cleaning company of choice, bringing excellence, experience, and results to every job we do. We use the most state-of-the-art laser cleaning technology to serve companies in all industries.

Laser cleaning has a tremendous amount of applications regardless of the cleaning need.

To see the benefits that laser cleaning brings to your business, contact PureSpace today.

Nearly Unlimited Applications

To best serve its customers, Biodynamic entered the laser cleaning market to bring them this game-changing technology. With nearly endless applications, laser cleaning improves our clients’ ROI and gives them a competitive advantage.

To name a few of the nearly endless applications for laser cleaning:

  • Rust & oxidation removal
  • Oil & grease removal
  • Escalator/Sidewalk cleaning/sterilization
  • Wood Stripping
  • Antique preservation
  • Hood vent cleaning
  • Mechanical parts cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Paint stripping
  • Offshore cleaning

Our technology will clear coatings and contaminants from any surface while leaving the surface integrity intact.

Laser Cleaning Is the Superior Cleaning Solution

Contact PureSpace today to see laser cleaning in action for yourself and learn how it is the superior cleaning solution.

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