Property Management

  • Water and fire damage restoration and mold removal
  • Non-toxic property restoration
  • Fast response time
  • Affordable, fast and guaranteed
PureSpace has become a trusted resource for property management companies because of our speed, low cost, professionalism and communication. We provide many advantages to property management companies and landlords.

Water, Fire and Mold Removal

  • Fast, effective dry-out service in the event of a water intrusion.
  • Fast, effective and least disruptive mold removal, using PureSpace, in the event of mold growth.
  • Total long-term, non-toxic prevention solution so mold does not come back, using our PureSpace products.
  • Industry-best two year warranty.
  • Completely safe, non-toxic products keep your tenants safe.

Odor and Smoke Removal

PureSpace is proud to offer a complete and long-term solution to odors such as cigarette smoke and animal waste! This is not a band-aid approach that allows odors to return in time, but is a true, long-term solution. We effectively remove odors with the best technology and fastest service.

  • We use Hydroxyl Technology to safely eliminate bad odors without masking
  • Our fastest response times help eliminate recent issues.
  • We use 100% safe and naturally occurring cleaning agents.
  • Effective against bacteria, VOCs and viruses
  • More effective than Ozone and 100% safe for human contact.

Call PureSpace today to prevent mold quickly and effectively!

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