This dry ice blasting comparison chart compares our main cleaning method of dry ice blasting with other cleaning methods. We examine each method by looking at five factors: if the method produces waste, if it is abrasive, if it is a health hazard, if the method is conductive, and an overall rating of performance.

Cleaning Type



Health Hazard



Hot WaterYesNoNoYesLimited
Steam No No No Yes Limited 
 Water/SolventYes No Yes Yes Limited 
Aluminum Oxice Yes Yes Silicosis No Highly Aggressive 
Metal Shot Yes Yes NoNo Highly Aggressive  
Glass Bead Yes Yes Irrespirable Dust  No Highly Aggressive  
Sodium Bicarbinate Yes Yes Irrespirable Dust  No Highly Aggressive  
Pummice Yes Yes SilicosisNo Highly Aggressive  
Plastic BeadYes Yes Irrespirable Dust   No Highly Aggressive  
This dry ice blasting comparison chart pretty much speaks for itself. Dry ice is the way to go. There is no waste, it’s non-abrasive, there’s no health hazards, it’s not conductive, and it does an excellent cleaning job. No other method comes close to being as safe or as effective as dry ice blasting. This is why we at PureSpace have chosen this method.

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