PureSpace Warranty | Satisfaction Guaranteed

PureSpace offers a warranty for our work, including mold removal.

The PureSpace Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our work. That is why we guarantee our services with the PureSpace warranty. This includes:

  • Two years coverage against the growth of mold for existing buildings and five years of coverage for new construction.
  • No deductible (no need for costly pollution insurance).
  • Comprehensive coverage of virtually every square inch of your building, from roof to subfloor including all studs/trusses, all drywall, all trim and cabinetry and any organic flooring such as hardwood or carpet.
  • The industry’s only warranty that isn’t void if materials get wet.
  • The industry’s only warranty that isn’t capped by the cost of materials, but instead, coverage for actual damage.
  • Two year warranty coverage does require an air quality test to be performed by a third party testing company

How is our warranty different?

Most noteworthy, our comprehensive coverage is not voided by another water intrusion. Yet other companies void their warranty if there is water intrusion, providing insurance without assurance. We understand that it takes moisture in order to grow mold and, if a warranty is voided if the materials get wet, it is essentially useless. At PureSpace, we give you peace of mind by delivering real protection in our guarantee. We stand by our work and you can depend on us for a real solutions and a real guarantee.

Our warranty covers you for any damages that occur. It is not capped by the value of the project, or the cost of the product used. As a result, we cover everything.

Don’t be fooled by inferior warranties that that don’t really protect you. When you compare our warranty against any other in the industry, the difference is clear.

Call PureSpace today to prevent mold quickly and effectively!

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