Coatings Removal – Cutting Edge Technology

PureStrip works on the most difficult surfaces. It’s fast and effective with very little cleanup.  PureSpace offers the most up to date technology in Coatings removal solutions in the Pacific Northwest. For the toughest jobs, we bring in PureStrip (or Induction Stripping), a process that works effectively on the most difficult contaminants and surfaces, including coal tar, epoxies, corrosion, and rubber.

How Does PureStrip Work?

We use a localized treatment to break the bonds of contaminants clinging to the work surface. This removes the coating without any scorching or burning whatsoever. PureStrip not only works faster than sandblasting, it’s also quiet so your clients don’t have to hear the work. And once again, cleanup is practically nonexistent.

PureStrip Works on All Kinds of Surfaces…

Introducing the new PureStrip coatings removal process.

Have a tough coating to remove like fiberglass, coal tar or antiskid? Use PureStrip! No media, noise, rust or residue. 100% non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly.

See it remove a layer of tar for yourself.

Effective Methods

We have the experience and skills to get the job done right the first time, with over 5,000+ completed projects in the past 10 years and a 100% success rate. We use high quality materials and equipment to make sure everything is done correctly and effectively.

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