House Mold in Portland Oregon

House Mold Portland, OR

We know how vulnerable Portland homes are to house mold. Let us help you find and get rid of common house mold today!

Our house mold removal and prevention services in the Portland Oregon area:

  • Restores your home fast
  • 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • 100% effective in cleaning and preventing mold growth
  • Safe mold prevention for children, elderly and pets
  • Will ensure mold will not come back!

Our products are 100% non-toxic and safe to use!

We use PureSpace, a special line of mold prevention and removal products. We created these products, so we know what’s in them and how powerful they are. They offer the quickest mold remediation available, won’t disrupt your home or family, are affordable and are 100% non-toxic! Our 100% safe cleaning solutions and removal process is effective, fast and affordable – call us today!

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Mold Removal and Cleaning

Our removal and cleaning process is revolutionary and effective, which is what makes us the industry leaders in mold removal and prevention solutions. Our unique line of PureSpace products and our Dry Ice Blasting process is the most effective solution on the market today. Dry Ice Blasting is effective, quick and won’t leave a mess to clean up. Plus, it’s gentle on materials and equipment while cutting through grease, mold and other surface contaminates. Dry Ice Blasting is safe on fragile items, strong enough for touch materials, and offers industrial cleaning for virtually every surface. We’re the only company in Oregon that offers this unique blend of mold removal and cleaning, so if you want a solution to remove mold effectively, quickly and inexpensively, get in touch with our experts now!

Our PureSpace solutions will fix your house mold problems quickly without breaking the bank!

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