There is so much misinformation about mold today, or mold myths, if you will.  “Black mold is bad,” “bleach or Kilz is an effective treatment for mold,” and one of my personal favorites, “I don’t have mold, but I do have some mildew.”  Whaaaa?  So let’s debunk a few more of these nuggets of mis-wisdom.

First, let’s talk about Kilz.  Remember when we talked about the idea that if Clorox was an effective treatment for mold then the Clorox people would shout it from the hilltops?  Kilz falls into this exact same category.  Ever read the Kilz label and see anything about mold?  Haven’t, have you?  That’s because Kilz has no antimicrobial properties to it whatsoever.  Let me say that again for added effect… KILZ HAS NO ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES WHATSOEVER!!!  Too much?  Sorry if it’s a bit of an overreaction, but it’s the truth.  If it did, they would say so, but it doesn’t, so they don’t.  Further, Kilz is latex-based.  Do you know what happens to latex-based coatings in the presence of excess moisture?  They fail.  And if you need moisture for mold growth, then that same moisture will cause the latex to fail, leading to further damage.

While we talked extensively about the (in)effectiveness of bleach on mold, let’s talk about euphemisms.  “I have a little bit of mildew, it’s not that bad.”  A perspective client conveys this quote, or one very, very similar to me at least once a month.  Let’s get a couple of things straight.  Mold is fungus.  Mildew is fungus.  Mold eats organic matter.  Mildew eats organic matter.  Mold can cause harmful side effects.  Mildew can cause harmful side effects.  So while I appreciate an attempt to minimize the issue, let’s call it for what it is.  A moisture problem is causing fungal growth in your home or office!  Now that we have that established, let’s go a little deeper. Mildew usually presents itself as a white or gray powdery-like coating on plants.  Does this sound like the dark, almost black fuzzies growing on your drywall?  Of course not!  Because you don’t have mildew, you have mold!

Let’s take a timeout for a second.  One of the other ridiculous beliefs about mold is that you are somehow dirty or a bad homeowner if you get it.  The truth is that the equation for mold is very simple: Organics+water+1 mold spore.  That’s it!  That’s all it takes!  Mold doesn’t care how clean you are, or how much money is in your bank account, or anything of the sort.  Mold only knows one thing: “When you mix me with organic matter and water, I replicate!”  Add to that the list of wealthy people (the list to include Michael Jordan, Ed McMahn, Rachel Ray and ‘The Hulk” Lou Farrigno to name just a few) and it should serve as ample evidence that mold is nothing to be ashamed of.  But you know what you should be ashamed of?  Not taking care of it properly. Of course with one quick phone call, our PureSpace professionals can properly remove it for you as well as take steps to prevent further mold growth.  

Where was I?  Oh yes, mildew.  Mildew grows on the laundry if you leave it in the washer too long (that’s the worst, isn’t it!?!), or on the table grapes left out in Houston, TX.  Mold grows on your building materials such as drywall, roof sheathing, studs and subfloor.  If you want to soften the language and call it something it isn’t to make yourself feel better, than by all means, feel free.  You should just be aware that that is what you are doing!