Toxic Mold, DON’T Let it Sneak up on You!

Non-toxic Mold Removal

Before PureSpace Mold Removal

Just across the river, a Vancouver, Washington family was recently forced to abandon their home of 24 years due to basement and attic mold. Even worse, doctors say the mold was responsible for a variety of health problems experienced by family members for more than 10 years!

“Excruciating headaches, confusion, no appetite,” Craig Johnson said, describing the pain and suffering, “I thought I was gonna die. At times I was hoping I was going to.”

The mold has left the Johnson family financially ruined. Contractors told them that removing the mold would cost more than the house was worth, and many of their doctor bills aren’t covered by their health insurance.

“Check your attic, check your crawl space, look for the signs because we don’t want anybody to go through what we went through,” said Craig Johnson.

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